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James Walter Francis Highway
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

+1 284 340 0077

Family Food Bakery is a popular artisan bakery & cafe in the British Virgin Islands. Our bakery shop stocks all our breads and baked goods and our popular cafe serves up breakfasts & light lunches. We provision bare boats, crewed yachts and private villa's and wee welcome wholesale enquiries. 

Family Bread

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What is artisan BREAD?

While commercial bakeries use yeast to get their bread to rise, we nurture a natural sourdough yeast culture called a levain or starter to give our breads rise.

Our levains are nearly 6 years old and have to be fed & watered everyday  to develop their unique flavour. It’s an involved process but a worthwhile one as this is  why our breads taste like “real bread”.

Natural yeast starters benefit from long term fermentation during which time the muscles of our bread, called gluten, soften into amino acids, and are then easily digested by the body. Besides allowing for the uniquely developed taste of the bread, the fermentation process also assists to break down sugars and starches, resulting in rustic loaves with higher mineral and vitamin content and lower carbohydrate content.

After our breads have been proved (usually 2 to 3 hours) they are all hand rolled and baked in our lovely 45 year old Blodgett bread oven. The whole process is carried out over night starting at 10pm the previous night and finishing up about 6 am next morning. Our sourdough bread, for example, takes 6 hours from beginning to end to make. Fresh bread is then delivered every morning to supermarkets, restaurants, provisioning points and stocked in our own bakery shop.


Our bread's shelf life is approximately 3 days if kept out of the fridge and wrapped in the bags we sell our bread in.  It's always a good idea to takekeep your bread in a brown paper kraft bag and we have found on our island that they are also best left on top of the bread tin!

Our bread also freezes well. We suggest that you place it in a waterproof plastic bag before freezing.






Family White Loaf 

Family Multi Grain Loaf 

Focaccia - Olive

Focaccia - Rosemary & Sea Salt

Irish Soda Bread


Sourdough - Rye

Walnut + Raisin Boule

Olive Boule

White Burger Buns  

Kaiser Buns

Dinner Rolls

Multigrain Burger Buns

White/Multigrain Sliders