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James Walter Francis Highway
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

+1 284 340 0077

Family Food Bakery is a popular artisan bakery & cafe in the British Virgin Islands. Our bakery shop stocks all our breads and baked goods and our popular cafe serves up breakfasts & light lunches. We provision bare boats, crewed yachts and private villa's and wee welcome wholesale enquiries. 

Family News

And then the earth shook....


On Thursday we experienced a 4 point something earthquake whose epicentre was only 22 kms (10 miles) north of Tortola, which meant we got the loud bang, ominous rumbling and then lots of rattling and shaking.  This also happenend  to coincide with the day Tyler finally switched on the oven in the bakery, with our temporary water and our temporary electricity.  As posted on Facebook: "

That wasn't an earthquake darling; just a mass, global, collective, happy cheer from your friends and family. " So that explains it then! 

Dosn't he look pleased!

Sad to say we did have to switch the oven off again pretty quickly after the photo opportunity, as flames started leaping out the back and then it shut itself down. Sigh. Anyway, it obviously needs some tinkering after its long journey and an Engineer or two. This does not stop us however from  pushing full steam ahead for a bakery opening in the first week of September.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. The kids got hold of my camera, and found all kinds of apps I never knew I had:

Not Dads oven

Baking with Kathy

Georgie's view of his younger brother

Gracie the Pirate

Princess Fussy aka Flora featuring Georgie's spelling

Apart from buggering around with my camera, the boys had another fun week. Yesterday they went to the salt pond behind Smugglers Cove to look for fiddler crabs. This is definetly not a place for girls. I stayed home and did the housework and then pinned lots of pictures of perfect, clean houses. 

Boy Heaven