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James Walter Francis Highway
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

+1 284 340 0077

Family Food Bakery is a popular artisan bakery & cafe in the British Virgin Islands. Our bakery shop stocks all our breads and baked goods and our popular cafe serves up breakfasts & light lunches. We provision bare boats, crewed yachts and private villa's and wee welcome wholesale enquiries. 

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Wickhams Cay 11 New Building: OBMI design plus my whimsical scribbles

You'll see I've been fiddling around with the blog design. It's not there yet, but I'll keep working at it. I feel like I'm becoming a "web mistress" ("web widow" more like it) with lots of evenings spent on my own clicking away at buttons whilst we continue to look for 'our' webdesigner (please refer any if you have). However, I lack even basic skills and usually end up in a terrible mess, as you can see from the blog!

It's been a good week. Tyler and I went diving on Tuesday for Valentines Day, off the back of Cooper Island. Our second dive was one of the best ever and we even got to see a Lion Fish (which you are allowed to spear here as they are invasive). The rest of the day was spent with the kids (and me missing my hair appointment - don't even go there) and in the evening we watched the latest Masterchef and "Moneyball". By our standards, an excellent day!

James has been away for most of the week at his Grade 5 Camp on St Johns, USVI. He took about 300 photos, which I'll download and post 1 or 2 here. I don't think he has wrenched himself out of Tweeniedom just yet. When asked about anything ("how was the food?" Awesome. "How were the hikes?" Awesome. "How were the tents?" Awesome) so hopefully by the weekend we will be able to have a conversation with joined-up sentences.  

On Monday, the first of our moves happened to Carrot Bay and all our storage has been sent over the mountain; about 100 boxes (at least half are books) which I cannot wait to unpack. We do the big move on Monday 27th Feb and Tyler and I have both taken the week off to settle in and catch up on a million errands that never seem to happen. Things are starting to happpen.

We also need some big chunks of focused time to get cracking with the set-up of the Bakery, which is now a few bricks high and hopefully still on track. It's super-tiny, as you can see, but is just our little starter  'factory'. The minute we have got that up & running, we have our beady eyes on the bakery-food-deli-outlet - which we have found, but just need to do some begging and pleading to convice the owners that we are a good idea.

Not much plannned for the weekend - sailing, packing and the usual.